Hormel Creates Bacon Grease Fuel For Bikes

Aug 06, 2014 -- 4:52pm


Hormel Foods Corp. will send a motorcycle fueled by bacon grease on a road trip to promote the International Bacon Film Festival.

Advertising agency BBDO Minneapolis came up with the bacon-powered motorcycle concept, KAAL-TV reports.

The bike doesn’t run on pure pan drippings. Austin, Minn.-based Hormel sends grease from its Black Label Bacon plant in Rochelle, Ill., to Manitowoc, Wis.-based Bio-Blend Fuels Inc., which converts into a biofuel.

The motorcycle gets between 75 and 100 miles per gallon, and its exhaust carries a bacon scent.

Hormel said it recruited a “bacon lover” to ride from Austin to San Diego, where the Bacon Film Festival will be held in August. A team of 12 will travel with the bike and film the journey and show the documentary at the film festival, according to the Austin Daily Herald.


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