Toddler Protests Bandaid Removal; Becomes Internet Sensation

Aug 05, 2014 -- 3:58pm


An Alabama toddler who told his parents “I can't live like this” as they removed her Band-Aid has become a Web star.

Hilarious footage showing little Matthew Reed repeating the bizarrely articulate comment, from hit Disney movie "Frozen," is racking up tens of thousands of hits online.

The adorable boy was caught on camera repeating the phrase as his mom attempted to remove the Band-Aid from his leg.

“I can’t live like this,” the Rainsville tot said, again and again, while on the verge of tears.

His dad Robert revealed in the YouTube video’s description that his son hadn't let him or wife Mandi take off the Band-Aid for several days.

And he added that he believed the line, used by Matthew whenever he’s mad, came from Disney’s Frozen — which his youngest son is “obsessed” with.

"Please understand that we don't enjoy seeing him upset, but hearing a 2-year-old say something so melodramatic is just hilarious," he added.


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