Do You Want A Gentleman Or Not?

Jul 07, 2014 -- 4:03pm


A new survey by Serenata Flowers reveals that 60% of women say not enough men demonstrate gentlemanly behavior. Other findings:

- 30% of women don't know a single person they'd deem a gentleman

- 50% of women say a man, who acts like a gentleman instantly makes him more attractive

- 1% of women would be bored by a man acting like a gentleman

- 46% of women would be considerably put off on a first date if a man didn’t display any gentlemanly habits


Carries you home from a night out when your shoes are hurting your feet

Calls you in the morning to make sure you've got up on time

Lets you have the last sweet in the bag

Checks your engine

Allows you to pull in front of them in traffic

Fixes your computer or laptop

Quickly notices your new haircut

Offers their phone when your battery has ran out

Will watch romantic comedies with you without complaining

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