Did Someone Make Your "Naughty List" This Year? Want Some Yuletide Revenge?

Dec 11, 2015 -- 3:52pm

Did someone make your "naughty list" this year? Want some yuletide revenge? For just $7 bucks, the KentuckyforKentucky website will gladly mail them a lump of real Kentucky coal. As the website says, that's $542 less than an iPhone 6!

The lump of coal also comes in a festive box with a cheery holiday greeting which reads "Merry Christmas, butthole!" 

In a blog post the website explains: "The holidays are a time for fun, frivolity, love and gratitude. But let's face it. Some people don't deserve any of that stuff. You know the ones. They've made your whole year a little harder than it needed to be. They're the ones with the make-believe gluten allergy. The selfie addicts. The ones with the Make America Great Again hat." Happy Holidays!(Huffington Post)


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