Twelve Travel Scams to Look Out For

Aug 04, 2014 -- 5:37pm

1.  The Rose.  A guy offers you a rose for your girlfriend, and charges you a ridiculous price.  If you don't pay it, he makes you look like a bad boyfriend in front of her.

2.  The Baby.  A woman walks up and throws a baby in your arms . . . usually a doll.  And while you're trying to catch it, you get pickpocketed from behind.

3.  Street Games.  You'll see a guy doing sleight of hand, and while you're trying to figure out the trick, you get pickpocketed.

4.  The Spill.  Someone will stage an accident and spill something on your jacket.  Then they'll offer to clean it for you, but really they'll be going through your pockets.

5.  The Drug Deal.  If you're going out to a club, a taxi driver will offer to sell you drugs.  When you make the deal, a "cop" will happen to walk by and see it.  Then you get busted and they shake you down for everything you have.

6.  The Overnight Bus.  You might get offered an amazing deal on a bus to take you to another city.  But they'll go through your checked bags and take everything valuable.

7.  The Drop and Swap.  Cashiers will count out your change, and then drop it before they hand it over.  When they pick it up, they'll switch it out for similar coins that are less valuable.

8.  The Flat Tire.  If you're driving a rental overseas, you're basically a magnet for criminals.  They might give you a flat tire on purpose and then offer to help you change it.  But while you're working on the tire, someone will go through your stuff.

9.  The Careless Cabbie.  When you get to your hotel, the driver will offer to get your bags out of the trunk.  But he'll act like he's in a hurry, and end up leaving a purse or something small in the trunk when he drives off.

10.  The Slow Cashier.  A cashier will take a phone call after you hand over your credit card.  She'll disappear for just a few seconds, acting like she's helping the person on the other end.  But actually she's taking a picture of your card so it can be counterfeited.

11.  The Insurance Scam.  A doctor will offer to sell you fake medical documents, which you can use to make a claim on your travel insurance.  But the insurance company will try to verify and find out the doctor was a fake.

12.  The Broken Camera.  Another group of travelers will ask you to take a picture of them.  But their camera won't work.  When you hand it back to them, they'll drop it.  Then they'll blame you and demand payment for the damage.  And pick your pockets.

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